Wearing a mask and social distancing remains a top priority at our customer service offices

To prevent a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, National Toll Payment Services Plc. (NTPS Plc.) continues to take all reasonable efforts to protect and safeguard the health of its customers and staff.

Foreign carriers can also pay the toll payable for the use of roads in Hungary at the border crossing point of Nagylak, located along the motorway

A new point of sale has opened at the border crossing point of Csanádpalota–Nagylak II, located along the motorway.

Good to know | Toll payment during the epidemic

A continuously updated toll payment information repository of National Toll Payment Services Plc. (NTPS Plc.) to avoid misinformation, not only infection

Zmeny v systéme elektronického výberu mýta od 15. marca 2020

Minister zodpovedný za inovácie a technológie vo svojom nariadení č. 8/2020. (II. 28.) ITM pozmenil nariadenie o rozsahu cestného mýta a o cestách s povinnosťou platby mýta číslo 25/2013. (V. 31.) NFM. Nové nariadenie nadobudne platnosť dňa 15. marca 2020.

Attention: changes in the toll road network

Pursuant to the decree published by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology on 19 December 2019 in the Hungarian Official Journal, the composition of the toll road network of Hungary will soon change.