Useful information about purchasing a route ticket

The HU-GO distance prorated electronic toll collection system, introduced on 1st of July, is significantly different from the previous e-vignette toll payment system. In the HU-GO system users can opt to declare their road use in two ways: by purchasing a route ticket, or by using an on-board unit.

Purchasing road use authorisations at MOL fuel stations in Romania

Customers will be able to purchase road use authorisations at MOL fuel stations in Romania also from 29 July, in the HU-GO Hungarian electronic toll collection system.

Information about the modification of the Highway Code

As of 1 July 2013, Section 48 (14)-(17) of the Highway Code has been amended as follows:

Information about VAT refund

In the HU-GO distance-prorated electronic toll collection system toll payment can be made in two ways:

Data request for report

Dear User, 

You can send your comments on the system to the electronic customer service of HU-GO ( If you wish to use this option, please provide the following data to expedite our response: