Data request for report

Dear User, 

You can send your comments on the system to the electronic customer service of HU-GO ( If you wish to use this option, please provide the following data to expedite our response:

Information about top-up

Road users can top-up their unique road use current account by bank transfer, which is one of the most convenient and fastest methods to top-up your balance.

Information related to on-board units

Dear User, 

We would like to inform you that toll declaration in Hungary is only permitted via the on-board units of the audited toll declaration operators. Auditing of the contracted toll declaration operator is currently in progress and the website may soon include additional service providers. No toll declaration and payment is possible in the HU-GO system using on-board units of toll declaration operators not included on the list. Devices of other service providers may emit an audio signal when passing through the control gates, which, however, does NOT mean that any money is deducted from the balance.

A complete list of customer service offices is now available

Dear User,

On July 1 all customer service offices of State Motorway Management Company Ltd. opened.

System information

The system launched again

The State Motorway Management Company Ltd., as the operator of HU-GO electronic toll system, announces that the outage which was ordered from 07 AM till 10 AM is terminated.

Acording to the above mentioned information, from 10 AM 01-07-2013 heavy goods vehicle with a maximum total permissible weight over 3.5 tons has to pay for the usage of the tolled road network.