As part of the protection against the coronavirus outbreak, Hungary has closed down its borders to foreign passenger traffic as from 17 March 2020, however, cargo vehicles can continue to enter the country.

NTPS Plc. temporarily suspends its in-person customer service

In order to support the protection against the coronavirus outbreak, and to preserve the health of its clients and employees, National Toll Payment Services Plc. (NTPS Plc.) suspends its in-person customer service from 15 March 2020, and requests its clients to initiate any administrative procedure via telephone or online.

HU-GO elektronik karayolu ücret sisteminde 15 Mart 2020 tarihinden itibaren yapılan değişiklikler

Yenilik ve Teknoloji Bakanı, Yenilik ve Teknoloji Bakanlığı (ITM) 8/2020. (II. 28.) sayılı kararnamesiyle Ulusal Kalkınma Bakanlığı (NFM) Yol Ücreti ve Ücretli Karayollarıyla ilgili 25/2013. (V. 31.) sayılı kararnamesinde değişiklik yapmıştı.

Attention: changes in the toll road network

Pursuant to the decree published by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology on 19 December 2019 in the Hungarian Official Journal, the composition of the toll road network of Hungary will soon change.

Ceza uyarı hizmetimiz geçici olarak kullanılamıyor

Lütfen teknik nedenlerden dolayı ceza uyarı hizmetimizin geçici olarak kullanım dışı olduğunu unutmayın.