Самые частые ошибки в связи с электронным дорожным сбором

Просим внимательно прочитать, какие ошибки чаще всего допускаются пользователями, и постараться избежать подобных ошибок при пользовагии платной сетью дорог.

It will be easier for vehicles which need route permit to pay e-toll

Detour on main road no. 6

From 1 August goods motor vehicles cannot enter the Nepomuki Szent János bridge at Bonyhád – they can detour on main road no. 6 free of charge

Road closure and detour of the 8 Road

An investment of Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt., the widening and reinforcement work of the bridge over the Rátót Körmend-Szentgotthárd railway, located on Route 8, has been conducted for nearly a month. The development of the modernization of the bridge can only be undertaken alongside the complete shutdown of the route; presumably, this is going to take four months. 

OTP Bank’s online payment service will be temporarily unavailable on 13 April 2014 at night