NTPS Plc.: making online payments more secure

In order to improve security for customers and prevent bank card frauds, National Toll Payment Services (NTPS) Plc. will become the first state-owned company to introduce two-factor customer authentication for bank card purchases on its websites as of 1 April 2019. Over 800,000 transactions with a total value of nearly HUF 60 billion were completed on the online platforms of NTPS Plc. last year.

NTPS Plc.’s measures related to bank card abuse

In order to prevent abuse, NTPS Plc. has decided to implement the following measures

Изменения в Общие положения и условия для клиентов электронной системы оплаты дорожного сбора

Основные поправки в договорные условия, применяемые NÚSZ Zrt. (именуемые в дальнейшем: Общие положения и условия), вступающие в силу с 3 февраля 2019 года.

Измене у систему електронскe наплатe путарине у Мађарској у 2019. години

Нове обавезе за унос података у систему HU-GO од 3. фебруара 2019. године

Important changes in the toll payment system

Amendments to the rules concerning the use of the Hungarian toll road network, affecting the e-toll system, will take effect at the end of 2018 and at the beginning of 2019.