Foreign carriers can also pay the toll payable for the use of roads in Hungary at the border crossing point of Nagylak, located along the motorway

A new point of sale has opened at the border crossing point of Csanádpalota–Nagylak II, located along the motorway.

At the new reseller partner of the National Toll Payment Services PLC. (NTPS Plc.), road use authorisations for both passenger and freight transport can be purchased, although carriers arriving from Romania will be the primary beneficiaries of the operation of new point of sale.

NTPS Plc.’s new partner operating at the border crossing point of Nagylak is located along motorway M43, in the direction of motorway M5. At the new point of sale, customers can also top up the balance of their HU-GO account and purchase route tickets and vignettes. This is a major step forward in terms of the traffic at this border section because, since the opening of the border crossing point, truck drivers coming from Romania have only been able to pay the toll enabling them to use the roads in Hungary in the Kövegyi Szent Gellért rest area, located past the first toll control point, at a distance of 9 km from the border. Currently, this NTPS partner is open every day from 8 am to 8 pm, but as soon as the pre-COVID-19 state of road transport is re-established, the point of sale will be open 24/7.

In 2019, the toll control camera system of the National Toll Payment Services Plc. detected over 5.8 million goods motor vehicles on motorway M43, near the Csanádpalota–Nagylak II border crossing point, 45% of which were vehicles arriving to Hungary from Romania. Goods motor vehicles with a foreign country code accounted for approximately 95% of incoming traffic. Romanian vehicles made up 57% and Bulgarian vehicles 20% of the over 5.8 million vehicles detected by the camera system of NTPS Plc. at the border crossing point.

In the Kövegyi Szent Gellért rest area in 2019, carriers did nearly 35,000 top-ups to HU-GO accounts that were also used by vehicles with a Romanian country code. Furthermore, over 18,000 route tickets were purchased for goods motor vehicles with a Romanian country code. The new point of sale will enable drivers arriving to Hungary from Romania via motorway M43 to avoid administrative fines, which are imposed by the competent authority (police) on goods motor vehicles failing to pay the toll or to pay the appropriate amount on the basis of the data provided by NTPS Plc.