Проширен регистрациони интерфејс у ХУ-ГО систему

У оквиру система ХУ-ГО, National Toll Payment Services Plc. покренуо је свеобухватан програм за развој начина регистрације и контроле еколошке категорије, који се односи подједнако на стране и домаће клијенте.

Information on temporary weight restrictions

The information for the owners of heavy-duty vehicles with a maximum gross weight of over 3.5 tonnes on weight restrictions on the Hungarian toll road network in certain periods of the day is available on the official website of the HU-GO system.

E-toll: new point of sale on the Romanian side of the border at Nagylak (Nădlac)

As of 8 September 2018, carriers using motorway M43 may also purchase their road use authorizations on the Romanian side of the border at Nagylak (Nădlac).

E-toll: changes on the toll road network

As of September 1, 2018, the Ministerial Decree regulating the amount of the toll and the toll sections will be amended in several points.

Attention, carriers! A new service is available to avoid toll fines!

Thanks to a development made by the National Toll Payment Services Plc. (NTPS), an increasing number of toll declaration operators will be able to introduce convenience services for carriers.