Information about the correct country code

If you make a registration or purchase a new route ticket, please mind that You have to give the heavy goods vehicle’s country code!

Outage of HU-GO system

The State Motorway Management Company Ltd. orders an outage of the Hungarian Electronic Toll System (HU-GO) on 29 September from 01:00AM. till 03:00AM. due to maintenance of the system.

From 23rd of September 2013 the customer service in Emőd is going to move to Miskolc

From 23rd of September 2013 8:00 am. the customer service in Emőd opens its office at a new place.

The new adress: Miskolc, Pesti street 88-96. (Sever Center mall)

Outage of online purchasing on 15th of September

Dear Customers,

We kindly inform you that on the 15th of September from 01:00 am. to 02:30 am. OTP Bank’s card system (OTP VPOS) will be out of order because of the propsed maintanance of it.

Outage of online purchasing