Toll calculator: it can be used for buses over 3.5 t as well!

M2 and M3 vehicle types can be selected in the calculator for toll planning.

The official toll calculator of the National Toll Payment Services Plc. (NTPS Plc) has been made available for operators of buses over 3.5 tonnes. In order to use the toll calculator properly, i.e. to benefit from the custom tariffs for said buses, the appropriate type of vehicle must be selected in the interface (M2 for buses over 3.5 t, M3 for buses over 5 t).

The tolls calculated by the toll calculator are only intended to provide information, given that the online interface uses tolls planned for buses as of 1 April 2024, as known by NTPS Plc.

Unlike the planning logic of the route ticket planner, the toll calculator plans for the fastest routes, i.e. the shortest routes based on travel time. It usually offers several alternatives, for each of which calculating the expected toll, displayed for the active route by infrastructure charge and external cost charge.

Using the toll calculator

The toll calculator published by NTPS Plc. is available in English and Hungarian directly on and indirectly on and 

For accurate route planning, enter the details of the route and the vehicle. When entering a route, a total of 10 address points can be added, which can be either a municipality or a precise address. Also, an address point can be selected by right-clicking on the map. It is also possible to move each address point on the map.

 The following required vehicle data must be entered under Planning options:

  • type of vehicle (heavy-duty vehicle, M2 bus over 3.5 t, M3 bus over 5 t, recreational vehicle over 3.5 t)
  • vehicle category (J2 – two-axled vehicles, J3 – three-axled vehicles, J4 – four-axled vehicles, J5 – vehicles with five or more axles)
  • environmental protection category (EURO I, EURO II, EURO III, EURO IV, EURO V, EURO VI, low emission, zero emission)
  • axle weight (t)
  • gross weight (t)
  • height (m)
  • width (m)
  • length (m)

Also, it can be selected whether or not to use ferries or expressways for the route (e.g. if the motorway button is off, the interface will not plan for motorways).

After planning, clicking on the printer icon on the active route will display the detailed route, which can then be printed.

A dedicated slider on the interface displays the entire e-toll road network.

The map can be zoomed, tilted and rotated using the CRTL button, and the compass icon can be used to reset the map to its original orientation.