Road closure and detour of the 8 Road

An investment of Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt., the widening and reinforcement work of the bridge over the Rátót Körmend-Szentgotthárd railway, located on Route 8, has been conducted for nearly a month. The development of the modernization of the bridge can only be undertaken alongside the complete shutdown of the route; presumably, this is going to take four months.

For the period of the entire road closure, a temporary detour had been built by professionals, thus the entire traffic arriving from the direction of the national border can move under the route 8 overpasses, through the newly built section, observing a speed limit of 30 km/hour. In the case of traffic moving from Hungary to Austria, personal motor vehicle traffic, bus traffic and motor vehicles using a selective designation can move through the downtown area of Rátót, following the route 8 detour through Fő utca-Ady Endre utca. Freight traffic over 3.5 tons heading to Austria should utilize routes including routes 8-87-89 or 86-89, crossing the border at Bucsu. The traffic limitation is indicated in many locations by signs. Destination traffic of vehicles above 3.5 tons, headed to Szentgotthárd, can move on a detour maintained for cars, if possessing a separate case-by-case permit, which is issued on request by the Vas County Directorate of Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. (contact information at


Due to the renovation, the “Rábafüzes (H) – Heiligenkreuz (A)”Szentgotthárd Hunyadi utca (H) - Mogersdorf (A), Szentgotthárd Ip. Park (H) - Businesspark Heiligenkreuz (A) border crossings cannot be approached from the interior of the country.


During the renovation, the designated detour is the following, which shall be followed by the route planner of the e-road tariff:

From the direction of Veszprém: Kám – Szombathely (road 87), Szombathely – “Bucsu (H) – Schachendorf (A)” (road 89);

From the direction of Zalaegerszeg: Körmend – Szombathely (road 86), Szombathely – “Bucsu (H) – Schachendorf (A)” (road 89);

From the direction of Csorna: Szombathely – “Bucsu (H) – Schachendorf (A)” (road 89).