Reporting road use

On-board unit - recommended option for frequent road use

If you frequently use the toll-road sections, reporting road use by an on-board unit is recommended. Among others, businesses which have a contract with the National Toll Payment Services PLC and which provide fleet management services (so-called report agents) offer on-board units.

If you already have an on-board unit,

Take a look at the list of fleet management service providers>> or contact your fleet management service provider in person. If your fleet management service provider is a contracted partner of National Toll Payment Services PLC and thus is on the list, you can register your on-board unit in the system. Otherwise, you have to choose another fleet management service provider which is in contractual relationship with National Toll Payment Services PLC

If you do not have an on-board unit or have contracted with a fleet management service provider that is not on the list,

you can purchase the on-board unit suitable for toll reporting at the designated points of sale and the fleet management service providers contracted with National Toll Payment Services PLC Those fleet management service providers can provide on-board units suitable for reporting who have signed a reporting partner contract with National Toll Payment Services PLC.

Prepaid ticket - recommended option for occasional road use

If you plan to use the toll roads occasionally but on a planned route, we recommend you purchase a prepaid ticket. To plan your route and to purchase the prepaid ticket, visit >> or use the route planning tools (kiosk or computer) available at the points of sale and customer service offices bearing the HU-GO logo. The complete list of the points of sale and the customer service offices is available at>>.

When planning the route, you need to designate the points of departure and destination and maximum four points en-route and the basic data of your vehicle (registration number, country code, environmental classification, number of axles, vehicle size).

The prepaid ticket grants one-time road use for the specific route in one direction. The ticket must be purchased before the use of the toll road. If you are a non-registered user, the ticket you purchase is valid until the end of the next calendar day. If you are a registered user, you can purchase your prepaid ticket up to 30 calendar days prior to the beginning date of your route. The prepaid ticket purchased this way is redeemable up to 24 hours prior to the beginning of the validity period.

If you redeem the prepaid ticket, the value of the ticket is credited to the balance of the registered user.