Privacy policy

1. About personal data processing by NTPS Plc. (hereinafter “the Company”, “Our Company”) in general

As a company in 100% public ownership, NTPS Plc. is appointed and authorized by law to perform the toll charging, toll enforcement and fine collection functions of the time-based (“e-vignette”) road use system as well as the toll charging, bound service provider and toll enforcement support functions of the distance-based electronic road use system for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes for the use of toll sections in Hungary.

In performing these public functions, Our Company processes several types of data considered personal data. The legal basis for the majority of the personal data processing we do includes sectoral legislation applicable to our operations and the Consumer Protection Act as well as compliance with the requirements of the Company’s shareholder and the body that monitors and supervises the Company’s operations, and last but not least the obligation to perform the aforementioned public functions.

As of 25 May 2018, Our Company is also required to comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union when processing personal data. At the same time, as our core objective is to provide our customers with efficient, fast and customer-friendly service, Our Company makes every effort to process personal data in compliance with the requirements of the GDPR and in a customer-friendly way while taking full account of the interests of both the data controller or a third party and the customers as data subjects.

General information about data processing by Our Company is available in our Privacy Policy.

To get a comprehensive view of the personal data processing we do concerning you and of your associated rights, please refer to our General Privacy Notice.

2. Privacy notices about the different types of personal data processing by NTPS Plc.

2.1 Privacy notices for online users of our website

2.1.1 Registered users of the HU-GO (distance-based road use) system ( > e-toll > Online purchasing or

If you want to keep your existing account with us, please confirm your registration by logging in to your account and selecting the applicable box after having read and understood the Privacy Notice.

2.2 Privacy notices for our customers and visitors

If you wish to contact Our Company regarding administrative issues relating to e-vignettes, you can do so in e-mail at or by phone on +36 (36) 587 500. Regarding administrative issues relating to the use of the HU-GO system, feel free to contact us in e-mail at or by phone on +36 (36) 587 500.

2.2.1 Customers using our Contact Centre

Privacy Notice

2.2.2 Customers and visitors contacting our customer service offices in person

Privacy Notice — Customer Service OfficesInformation on data protection – Rumbach Center Customer ServicePrivacy Notice — Central OfficeBalance of Interests Test (audio recording)Balance of Interests Test (camera) and Notice on camera surveillance — Central Office and the Customer Service Offices

2.2.3 Customers contacting Our Company in writing

Privacy Notice

2.3. Privacy Notice for the Contractual Partners of NTPS Plc.

Privacy Notice and Results of the Balance of Interests Test

2.4. Privacy Notice related to the assessment of data collection devices in the HU-GO (distance-based road use) system carried out by a partner of NTPS Plc.

Privacy NoticeLegitimate Interests Assessment

3. Data Protection Officer

If you have any questions about personal data processing by Our Company, please contact our Data Protection Officer, Ms. Krisztina Szekeres-Strich. E-mail: 

For details about the responsibilities and status of the Data Protection Officer, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

4. Data security, data breach response

We take the protection of your personal data seriously and that is why we have implemented appropriate physical and technical measures to prevent access by unauthorized persons. However, please be reminded that, although we take all necessary steps to protect your personal data, no website, online data transfer, computer system and wireless connection is perfectly secure.

In the unexpected event of a data breach, we will act in accordance with our Data Breach Response Policy.