Implementation of the DarsGo system is Slovenia

As of 1 April 2018, Slovenia will introduce a modern electronic tolling system for vehicles with the maximum permissible weight over 3.5 tonnes (heavy vehicles).

The tolling system named DarsGo will charge heavy vehicles in free traffic flow or, specifically, without them having to stop. Tolling will be completely automatic, and the price will be based on the distance driven. 

Only those heavy vehicles registered in the system, equipped with the DarsGo unit, and with a valid financial coverage for toll payments will be able to use the Slovenian motorways and expressways. The DarsGo unit is mandatory for all heavy vehicles and is meant for the wireless transfer, reception and collection of data for tolling purposes.

Transportation companies are asked to register in the DarsGo system as soon as possible and pick up the DarsGo units and thus avoiding possible long waiting lines after the introduction of the DarsGo sysmet or high fines should they enter the motorway or expressway without a valid DarsGo unit.

Regisration into the DarsGo system can be done at the website or directly at ’DarsGo servis’ partners located at petrol stations near the motorway network and at one of the seven ’DarsGo servis’ offices managed by DARS.

To register a vehicle in the DarsGo system, users must present their vehicle registration certificate and the proof of the EURO emission class. For vehicles registered in Slovenia, only the vehicle registration certificate is required. Administrative fees for registering each vehicle in the DarsGo sysmet and personalising the DarsGo unit amount to €10 (incl. VAT). If users register themselves on the web, we ship their DarsGo unit free of charge to any address within the European Union.

DARS is implementing the new tolling system for heavy vehicles in order to improve traffic flow and charge fair tolls. Users in the new system will pay their toll based on the distance driven (the ’user pays’ principle) and on the air pollution caused by their vehicle (the ’polluter pays’ principle).

Following 1 April 2018, the existing vignette system will still apply for cars and other vehicles with the maximum permissible weight below 3.5 tonnes. After the implementation of the DarsGo system, the toll station on the Slovenian motorway network will be gradually removed, where priority will be given to those stations which interfere the most with traffic.

Users can get more information about the new tolling system DarsGo via the following means:

DARS d.d.