HU-GO pre-registration for buses over 3.5 tons available now

Buses with a maximum authorized total mass of over 3.5 tons may be properly registered as buses in the HU-GO electronic toll system. It is important to note that the data of previously registered buses must also be modified!

In the HU-GO e-toll system operated by National Toll Payment Services Plc. (NTPS Plc.), it is now possible to enter the appropriate vehicle type for the various vehicles, as stipulated in the legislation amended at the end of February[1]. Please ensure to set the correct vehicle data not only for new vehicle registrations but also for buses already registered in the HU-GO system.

The amendment is necessary in order to allow for the calculation of the infrastructure charge component of the toll for buses over 3.5 tons from 1 April 2024 onwards, not on the basis of rules applicable to cargo vehicles, but on the basis of a more favourable, specific regulation.

Customers may select the appropriate bus type in the Vehicle Type field in the vehicle data using the drop-down menu.

The available vehicle types are:

- Heavy goods vehicles

- M2 buses over 3.5 t

- M3 buses over 5 t

- Recreational vehicles over 3.5 t

It is also very important that the vehicle category, i.e. the number of axles (two-axle – J2, three‑axle – J3, four-axle – J4, five- or multi-axle – J5), is set appropriately prior to starting to use the road, in addition to the appropriate vehicle type, according to the number of axles currently in use.

If a bus with a maximum authorized total mass exceeding 3.5 tons is towing a trailer, the number of axles of the towing vehicle and the trailer must be added together, since the external-cost charge component of the toll shall be calculated on the basis of the total number of axles of tolled vehicles. For example, if a two-axle bus tows a two-axle trailer, the infrastructure charge shall be calculated according to the M2/M3 vehicle type regardless of the number of axles, but the external-cost charge shall be calculated on the basis of a total of four axles (J4) and the environmental classification.

If the control system of NTPS Plc. detects an incorrect number of axles, the use of the road is considered unauthorized and will result in a toll fine.

Creation of a new registration

During the registration process, you must enter the details of the contracted toll payer and a vehicle to be used in the system. The appropriate vehicle type must be entered here.

Previous registration – change of vehicle details

For buses previously registered in the HU-GO system, the default vehicle type in the vehicle data is “Heavy goods vehicle”. This needs to be changed to the appropriate M2 or M3 bus type.

Detailed information on the transfer of buses with a maximum authorized total mass of over 3.5 tons to the e-toll system can be found here.

The operators of buses over 3.5 t already registered in the HU-GO electronic toll system are requested to refrain from the use of the HU-GO e-toll system for toll payments until 31 March 2024, and not to use the On-Board Units purchased.


[1]Government Decree 209/2013 (VI. 18.)