How can I pay?

Registered users

Registered users can opt for pre-payment. The current account created at the time of registration may be topped up in advance. The system automatically subtracts the toll for the road covered from this balance if the report was made using an on-board unit. The balance may be topped-up at the points of sale (bank card, fuel card, cash) or at using your bank card. The balance may also be topped up by bank transfer.

Non-registered users

If you do not register in the HU-GO system, you can only purchase prepaid tickets. You can pay the toll in person at the points of sale using any of the available payment options (cash, bank card, fuel card, etc.) or over the Internet with a bank card at

  cashbank cardfleet card / fuel card bank transfer
Points of sale  Internet-x-x
Customer Servicexx

NTPS Plc. currently accepts EuroShell, OMV, Routex, Reload, DKV and EUROWAG cards.

Fuel stationxxEvery fuel station accepts the fuel card determined by the relevant station.-

As of 20 May 2019, American Express (Amex) cards cannot be used for payment in online transactions on NTPS Plc.’s and websites.

Redeeming the route ticket

Redemption of prepaid route tickets is only possible for registered users upon entry to their accounts. Please note that stickers can only be reimbursed until 24 hours before the term of validity begins! Route tickets may be cancelled in your online account, and upon reimbursement, the full price of the toll indicated on the ticket is credited on the registered user’s account. Reimbursement of unused route tickets is not made in cash.


Validity of the route ticket

So-called ad-hoc route tickets purchased by unregistered users shall be valid from the time of purchase until midnight on the following calendar day, thus prepayment is not possible in this matter.

Registered users can also prepurchase route tickets. The first day of validity may not be later than the 30th day after the purchase. Prepurchased stickers shall be valid from 00:00 on the specified date until 24:00 on the following day. If the time of purchase and the beginning of validity are the same, the ticket shall be valid from the time of purchase until 24:00 on the following calendar day, just like in case of the ad hoc ticket.

Please not that in accordance with the relevant legal provisions - irrespective of the method of purchase - travel shall in all cases be started on the first day of validity.