Good to know | Toll payment during the epidemic

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Traffic restrictions

As part of the protection against the coronavirus outbreak, Hungary has closed down its borders to foreign passenger traffic on 17 March 2020, however, cargo vehicles can still continue to enter the country. Despite rumours, you still need to purchase road use authorizations for both cargo and passenger vehicles; the “Transit sticker” received from the authorities does not exempt cargo vehicles from the applicable toll payment obligation. You may also purchase your ad-hoc route ticket via the site (in 11 languages), even with your smartphone, using your bank card. Freight traffic is restricted to transit routes and rest areas designated by the authority. Traffic restrictions, roadblocks and diversions have been implemented. For more information, please visit the website of Hungarian Public Road Non-profit Ltd. ( Updates on border police issues are available on the following page updated by the Hungarian Police: For the users of route tickets: Please make sure that your route ticket is still valid (time of expiry: after midnight on the calendar day following payment). To that end, we suggest that you buy your route ticket immediately before crossing the border.


Opening hours of resellers

Pursuant to the Government Decree published on 16 March 2020, certain stores in Hungary shall close after 3:00 p.m. The new rule will also affect some of our resellers offering toll payment services. E-vignette and e-toll purchases will remain available after 3:00 p.m. as well at fuel stations open around the clock or through any e-payment channel. Please note, however, that rest areas officially designated for transit have limited fuel card payment options, and it is therefore advisable to make sure you have sufficient cash or topped-up credit card at your disposal. For e-vignette payments, NTPS Plc. recommends, and for route ticket purchases and HU-GO balance top-ups, the company suggests that you visit


Customer Service

To safeguard the health of customers and staff, customer service points of NTPS Plc. will be closed as of 15 March 2020, but our e-customer service will continue to receive your enquiries with intensified resources and without interruptions. For more details, please click here.


We recommend that our carrier customers also consult the websites of trade associations ( for further up-to-date information related to road use.