Five fuel cards available for toll payment from September

After the successful summer pilot phase, National Toll Payment Services Plc. has made a decision on the introduction and acceptance of three additional fuel cards. Starting from September, NTPS customers can also make toll payments with DKV, Eurowag and Reload cards.

In addition to euroShell and Routex, from September the customer service offices of National Toll Payment Services Plc. also accept DKV, Eurowag and Reload cards. NTPS Plc. decided on introducing and accepting the three additional fuel cards following the successful pilot phase in the summer. With the introduction of the cards allowing deferred payment, the toll payment provider primarily wishes to favour its own customers, who can now also use these cards to settle toll payment obligations.

Based on the experiences of NTPS, customers will typically use the newly introduced cards for topping up e-toll balances (in the case of euroShell and Routex cards, average transaction value is at around HUF 60-70,000). Many customers also use fuel cards to pay for their route tickets (with the average transaction value at HUF 22-25,000), but of course they can also be used to purchase e-vignettes.

At first glance, the fuel card resembles a bank card, but in most cases they are linked to a given company or vehicle, rather than an individual. It allows its holder to purchase fuel or lubricants without cash, while also entitling the holder to use various services. The cards cannot be used for cash withdrawal. In contrast with bank cards, fuel cards can only be used to pay for refuelling or parking and, depending on the given service provider, paying costs and fees related to road, bridge and tunnel use, and potentially ferry crossing, vehicle repairs or breakdown assistance. With the help of the cards, customers can reclaim VAT and excise tax due back quickly, which greatly benefits domestic businesses by improving their liquidity situation.

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