Balance management

Creating the balance

Only registered clients can have a user balance, which is automatically created in the course of the registration process.

Topping up the balance

Registered clients can top up their balances in person in the customer service offices and at the points of sale, as well as on the online customer service portal ( The user immediately receives a message, if the transaction is successful.

Querying the balance

You can query your balance online or via phone but also in person in our customer service offices.

In order to be able to top up your balance in time, the toll service provider regularly sends information to the user about the current state of the balance. The user is able to set an amount limit specified by him/her for the account, reaching of which the system sends a notification automatically.

Querying road use transactions

Similarly to querying the balance, it is also possible to query road use transactions via online customer services or in person at sales points and in our customer service office.

You can ask for the list of transactions for a single vehicle or for the whole fleet as well. Upon request, the system sends the result of the query to the e-mail address indicated during the registration, or in case of personal administration, the report can be requested in a printed version as well.