AUTÓVÉD Kft. not a toll declaration operator as of 1 January 2024

The individual data reporting agreement between AUTÓVÉD Kft. and our company, National Toll Payment Services Plc., terminates on 31 December 2023. As of 1 January 2024, the role of AUTÓVÉdD Kft. as a toll declaration operator ends, and as of this date, our company no longer accepts toll declaration-related data reporting through AUTÓVÉD Kft.

We would like to draw our customers' attention to purchasing road use authorisation, as failure to do so results in unauthorised road use and the imposition of fines. Road use authorisation can be purchased by buying a route ticket, or by contracting or cooperating with another audited toll declaration operator.

Click on the link below to view the current list of audited toll declaration operators under contract with our company:

Route tickets can also be purchased via our website.

National Toll Payment Services Plc.