Attention: changes in the toll road network

Pursuant to the decree published by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology on 19 December 2019 in the Hungarian Official Journal, the composition of the toll road network of Hungary will soon change.

The changes will only affect the toll road network used by HDVs with a maximum permissible gross weight over 3.5 tons. There is no change in the e-vignette system that includes passenger vehicles.

The attached map shows the new toll sections in pink and the renumbered toll sections in yellow. No new sections have been opened on M2 and Main Road 67; only new routes have been designated. Pursuant to legislative requirements, the changes will take effect within 15 days from the date of announcement, i.e. on 3 January 2020. For more details, please download Ministerial Decree 44/2019 (XII.19.) of ITM from here.