From today our customer service in Eszteregnye is available for our customers round the clock

Payment with Routex fuel cards at NTPS’s Customer Service Offices

From 1 December 2014, payment is possible with the Routex fuel cards – issued by OMV – at National Toll Payment Services Plc.’s own POS’s, the lane-side POS’s located by Mosonmagyaróvár, and the POS’s along the Rajka-Hegyeshalom border, as well as at NTPS’s Customer Service Offices.

Самые частые ошибки в связи с электронным дорожным сбором

Просим внимательно прочитать, какие ошибки чаще всего допускаются пользователями, и постараться избежать подобных ошибок при пользовагии платной сетью дорог.

It will be easier for vehicles which need route permit to pay e-toll

Detour on main road no. 6

From 1 August goods motor vehicles cannot enter the Nepomuki Szent János bridge at Bonyhád – they can detour on main road no. 6 free of charge